Old walls of Metz

Mapping the position of the old walls of Metz (France) with QGIS.

I wanted to test QGIS to create a small map so I chose to use an old German map of Metz and to superpose it to the current map. The idea was to show where the old walls were before being destroyed.

Getting the data

This was the most difficult part for me: importing enough data to have a proper map of the town. I used two datasets. The first came from Geofabrik, which provides roads, waterways and other things for the whole region (Lorraine). The files used were:

  • lorraine/landuse.shp
  • lorraine/natural.shp
  • lorraine/railways.shp
  • lorraine/roads.shp
  • lorraine/waterways.shp

I also used data from Openstreetmap (which restricted the license by the way) by zooming to Metz and exporting the data to QGIS.


Here is the final result, in png format:


Source code

I posted on Github the file needed by QGIS, but not the data as it was too heavy.