Subtitles from the command-line

A Perl script to get the subtitles for your favorite movie or TV show.

The idea is to provide a portable and simple way to fetch subtitles from the command line. The site is, which provides a nice API. For portability, I chose Perl.


The script must be applied only to a single file, for which it search all corresponding subtitles on and then download it:

$ perl subdl-perl YourMovie.mkv

It is up to you to select which one is the best for your file. I thought about making this choice automatically, for example by using a fuzzy on the subtitle names, but it is not always a good solution. So I left that up to the user.

The script works by creating the hash and comparing to the hash stored on the server, so the match may not always be accurate. In practice, it works well enough. The code source from the hash is not from me.

Finally, it only search english subtitles.

If you want more features, add them on the issues tracker.


To get the script and see how to install it, see the code on Github.