Configuring a new install

Here is my configuration on a fresh install (on Archlinux but it should work on other Linux too). The idea is to do everything inside a terminal.


  • Install xmonad
  • Configure the bepo layout for french by adding the following in .xinitrc :

Useful programs

  • stow :¬†share easily your dotfiles across machines
  • keychain : avoid to type your passphrase for every ssh connection. See this post.
  • zsh
  • feh : for a background picture
  • tmux :¬†manage multiple terminal sessions
  • rtorrent : manage your torrents


Install the following (see this post).

  • mpd
  • ncmpcpp


Install as shown in this post.
Warning : we use offlineimap so there is no need to use fetchmail anymore as in the initial post.

  • mutt
  • prochmail
  • msmtp
  • offlineimap (hard-coded passwords)

To configure offlineimap, see

Passwords are stored in .netrc, see

To encrypt your mails with mutt, locate and copy gpg.rc in your .muttrc.



First, we configure ZFS to scrub every 2 weeks. We use /etc/anacrontab as we reboot often :

Then we setup backup. the backup itself by creating a /root/ :

where the files must have an absolute path Then update anacrontab :


To backup on Hubic, install the command-line utility with

For Google drive, see

Terminal configuration

Solarized is a nice scheme. I use it with

  • mutt : ensure it is compiled with ncurses (check with mutt -v) :
  • tmux
  • xressources

Japanese (archlinux)

  • ibus, ibus-anthy, ibus-qt (the latter is needed for xmonad)
  • adobe-source-han-sans-jp-fonts
  • ibus-setup and add japanese input
  • Add to .xinitrc :
  • Update .Xressource if you have a given font

Archlinux issues

# No sound on Skype

First, enable multilib. Then install skype. Then install pulseaudio and pulseaudio-alsa. There is no need to change mpd configuration by the way.

Juniper with 64bit archlinux

See the idea is to installer 32bit java by hand on top on a 64bit (also by hand).