FreeBSD tips

Some tips I collected about FreeBSD. Updated: 2018-05-02 with FreeBSD 11.1-RELEASE

Mount LVM Linux volumes from FreeBSD

You can have read and write access to LVM volumes, even though FreeBSD itself cannot use LVM :

where VolGroup00 is my physical volume, lvhome is my logical volume and /Linux the mountpoint. -o rw+ is used for read and write access.

I have also posted this information on the FreeBSD forums.

Fix ugly fonts in Firefox

I followed the instructions on this reddit thread. What worked for me was to disable bitmap fonts

Uninstalling a program

You can go into the ports, and uninstall it manually :


Extract useful information from /usr/ports/UPDATING

You can use pkg updating as described here.

Running Linux in Virtualbox from FreeBSD

First, you will need to install Virtualbox on FreeBSD and start it with Virtualbox. Then you have to install addition on the guest OS. Look in the Virtualbox menu, at Install additions. Now run:

If you have shared folders, mount -t vboxfs does not work. So you must mount them with (on Linux) :

Your folder will be available at folderlocation.

Command-line tips (not FreeBSD specific)

A screenshot can be taken with the scrot functionnality with a delay, for example 5 seconds :

A very useful utility for finding quickly a file is locate. You will need to keep its database though. For that, see the following link.