Japanese configuration (Debian/FreeBSD)

This posts shows how to configure your Debian system for Japanese input and output.


First, we will need some fonts. You can install :

Note : I first installed ttf-kochi-gothic, then ttf-takao-mincho. The takao mincho is more beautiful in my opinion but the characters are rather small and difficult to read. For readability, I chose otf-ipafont-mincho.

Now we will add Anthy for managing our Japanese input :

Then we start the configuration : start im-config and choose ibus in the options. Logout, login and start ibus (either with the menu or with ibus-daemon).

If you cannot input circumlex accents after that, you will need to install another package :

In the .bashrc file, you may have to add :


The procedure is the same on FreeBSD. Here is a link for the complete configuration.