Irssi configuration

Here are my scripts and configuration

Irssi and screen

With screen, we can create a terminal which can the be detached and reattached at will. So I can connect to my computer over SSH and reattach irssi : ta~da, I have my messaging client from the outside.
We start a screen session named irssi with screen -S irssi. Then we launch irssi inside the new terminal. Now the session will be detached with Ctrl-A Ctrl-D. It will be reattached by typing screen -raAd irssi.

Irssi scripts

Installing a script is done by copying the script into .irssi/scripts and then loaded inside irssi with /script load
If we want to start them automatically at boot, we create a symlink in the .irssi/scripts/autorun directory :

The scripts are available here. I use:

  • : tells you if a contact has reconnected in your chat windows.
  • : more information about the change of status (how long he has been away etc.). Get it here.
  • : assing a color for each user in an IRC chat (useful for large rooms).
  • : when my screen session is detached, I am marked as away and all the messages sent to me will be stored until I reattach the session.


If trying to load a script results in Can’t locate Time/, then you should install the time-duration library. In Debian :