IRC and chat (2)

Following the post on chatting in MSN, here is a configuration for your Irssi client.

Using irssi

Navigating between the windows can be done with:

  • backward and forward: Meta-p and Meta-n
  • switch to the window number 1: Meta-1 or Esc-1

Any change in irssi configuration must be saved with /save. If you want to switch to utf8 encoding it is done with :

/set term_charset UTF-8

Finally, exiting is done with /quit.

Irssi and IRC

You can add a server, say, and a channel named mychan in irssi config. For connecting automatically, do not forget the -auto option :

/server add -auto -network EFnet 6667
/channel add -auto #plouf EFnet 

Receiving or sending files over the IRC network is done with :

/dcc get senderNick
/dcc send receiverNick myFile

Customizing irssi

Several themes are available for irssi. Once you have chosen one of them, put it in /.irssi and activate it. If you have chose the xchat theme :

/set theme xchat 

Bitlebee tips

Note : Bitlbee commands do not start with a slash, contrary to irssi commands. First you can deactivate these annoying status change like

14:26 -!- ServerMode/&bitlbee [+v friend1] by localhost

Enter the following

/ignore &bitlbee MODES 

List all your contacts with blist. Friends are named after their mail address so you can rename them :

rename friend1 MyDearFriend 

Again, any change in bitlbee configuration must be saved with save.