IRC and chat (2)

Following the post on chatting in MSN, here is a configuration for your Irssi client.

Using irssi

Navigating between the windows can be done with:

  • backward and forward: Meta-p and Meta-n
  • switch to the window number 1: Meta-1 or Esc-1

Any change in irssi configuration must be saved with /save. If you want to switch to utf8 encoding it is done with :

Finally, exiting is done with /quit.

Irssi and IRC

You can add a server, say, and a channel named mychan in irssi config. For connecting automatically, do not forget the -auto option :

Receiving or sending files over the IRC network is done with :

Customizing irssi

Several themes are available for irssi. Once you have chosen one of them, put it in /.irssi and activate it. If you have chose the xchat theme :

Bitlebee tips

Note : Bitlbee commands do not start with a slash, contrary to irssi commands. First you can deactivate these annoying status change like

Enter the following

List all your contacts with blist. Friends are named after their mail address so you can rename them :

Again, any change in bitlbee configuration must be saved with save.