Music (mpd, ncmpcpp)

Nothing like some music for making your computer more agreable. If you want lightweight and fast softwares for listening to your musical library, do it inside a terminal ! We will need mpd, an application for managing your collection, and another one which will serve as an interface, like ncmpcpp. Here are some screenshots of a session.


All of mpd files will be placed in /home/user/.mpd, so create a directory :

We will configure it as the “mpd” user. It is possible to start it as an user, but requires to start it yourself. With this configuration, it will launch automatically. Once mpd is installed, you will need to create a configuration file. There should be a file /etc/mpd.conf. Otherwise, copy the one given by the documentation, like /usr/share/mpd/mpd.conf.example. As a root, edit this file there and change only the music directory :

The other parameters should be left at their defaut value :

Then we need to create the directories :

Do not forget to create the files :

Allow mpd write permissions

Mpd will then run in the background creating you database. It can take some time if you have a huge collection.


Easy to configure : create a directory “/home/user/.ncmpcpp”. Inside, create a file named “config”. Put the following :

where /home/user/music is the location of you music.

And… you are done ! Some basics commands:

  • switch between the playlist and the browser view with Tab
  • add a folder or a music to the current playlist with Space
  • play the selected track immediately with Enter

More help is avalaible with 1. You can also edit the tags, sort the tracks and so on.

A cool feature is the ability to remote-control your music. For example, you can SSH to your computer and manage the music from a laptop. You just need a SSH server on the main computer. Even better, you can redirect mpd. I did not try it but instructions are available on mpd’s wiki.

Now is the time to listen to some good music…


Connection refused
If you have this message when starting MPD, it can be corrected with changing the value of bind_to_address to

Flash incompatibily
If you are having problems with Flash compatibility, i.e you cannot play a music using mpd and watching a video for instance, try changing the following in /etc/mpd.conf :

It should solve any issues which appears in the log like this :

If you still cannot start mpd, try commenting the bind_to_adress :

#bind_to_address		"localhost"